Seven Words…

Mugshot taken of George Carlin, taken following his arrest for public indecency.

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Back around the time that I turned seventeen I was living with a friend of mine up in Roswell. Actually there were several of us that were roommates off and on for quite a while. My best friend Chris, the one that passed away a couple of years ago, was living there as well. One of my favorite memories is that the two of us would stay up late to watch the George Carlin shows on HBO. I love George Carlin. He was pretty damned hilarious. One of my favorite bits, along with millions of other people is the seven words you cannot say on television. Here’s most of it.

I heard about his death yesterday and I was saddened by the news. While I don’t share some of the same political opinions I can’t argue that he was a pretty smart dude who used humor to get his point across. There was nothing he couldn’t talk about and make people laugh.
He was in several different movies and television shows as well as continuing his stand-up act right up until the week prior to his death.
Back when my son was pretty young we were introduced to the Thomas The Tank Engine television show. He was the narrator and played the conductor in the US for awhile. I always thought that it was just too cool that the guy who’s indecency case for the ‘seven words’ routine made it all the way to the supreme court would be narrating a children’s show.

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