Wordless Wednesday: Bath With a Smile


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  1. After 12 years of being a cop I can tell you this; the laws in this state (Florida) are completely inadequate to deal with these monsters. They routinely disappear from supervision and almost always commit additional crimes. They need to disappear into a facility where hard labor and oppressive living conditions are enforced with glee. They do not change, they cannot be rehabilitated. This is what they are and as long as they are allowed to roam they will continue to injure our children.

  2. I agree with you 100% there. A lot of times I will make fun of Florida and the LEOs there but what it really comes down to are the laws. Most of the few Florida cops I know work their asses off but half the time they are trying to track down the same people they busted weeks before. Until the laws get harsher it’s not going to change.

  3. He wasn’t visiting friends in the area. Timothy actually lived behind the family in the mobile home. He has been friends with this family for years. I hate to think about the poor little girl since I’m sure this isn’t the first time it has happened.

  4. Yes. He has known this family for years and helped run the father’s business. You have most of the info wrong. Mom did not catch him raping her. What he did do was wrong but you are also blowing this up to be more than it is. Even the girl’s father has said that Tim was wrong but that it is not as severe as it is being made to be. Before you start commenting, make sure your info is correct. I know this young man and know that he has never done anything like this before. His life is ruined but he needs help…not bashing. There are different levels of these offenses and people need to start understanding the illness and differentiate between the acts.

  5. it’s too bad that people have to comment on stuff that they only read in the paper– I don’t condone what predator has done — I do believe that his turning himself in was correct. I also believe that he is paying for what he has done and needs to continue paying.
    As far as rape– that is needing to be proven! We need to make parents as responsible for the welfare of their children. Maybe momma and daddy needed to know where there child was– and when they saw that predator was drinking because he may have a drinking problem- then they should have not let their daughter go over to see him. We are always to quick to blame others when we are as responsible for our own children.
    Most situations– the children seem to think that if someone lives close by then it is ok to go see them when they want too.
    Parents are responsible for their child not the neighbors– we didn’t bring your child into this world. Whether he lived on the property or not is immaterial and whether he has known child all it’s life is not either. Also whether he worked or helped run the business is immaterial also.
    The child should have been with the parents not at predators house under any circumstances– she should have been better controlled– I believe that parents are just as responsible– where is Dept of Family Services in this situation?
    Both parties need to keep check of their own. Predator status needs to be applied and let him do his time and pay for his own stupidity.
    But also parents– keep your children where they belong at home with you to raise

  6. If he slept with an underage girl, that’s legally called rape and there’s no two ways about it.
    I do agree that parents (and not just those of this particular girl) need to know where and what their children are doing and keep a tight leash on them.

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