The trainhas derailed…

So it’s been a pretty long couple of weeks since I got back from vacation. The have basically moved me into a new district. What’s really funny is that I now have the three stores that I turned down a year and a half ago. Funny how things work out. They do have three different managers in them than were there at that point and it’s a world of difference. I might actually make a bit of money out of them, which will be nice. It’s still too early to tell since I’ve only had them for a week but everything looks pretty good right now. The only bad part is the drive. My farthest store is about fifteen miles away. I had gotten used to only having to drive five or ten minutes but now it’s 20 to 25. They keep moving me west too. Hell, I have the last store before you get to Alabama now. Next thing you know they’ll have my ass in Alabama. I guess if i were a division that wouldn’t be too bad. I have applied for the promotion, so we’ll have to wait and see how that pans out.
The wife is back in town in one piece after going to hang with the blown-eyes in Texas over the weekend. She doesn’t seem too worse for the wear but I think she was a bit hung over yesterday. The nice thing is that now I can actually get a bit of sleep. After being together 20 years it’s a bit hard to sleep alone. The damned dog just isn’t the same.
I had to go back to the Tallapoosa store for drawer change tonight and the weather is great. It’s actually been pretty mild the last couple of days. Surprising for this time of year. I went out for a smoke earlier (yes, I am still smoking) and just listened to the crickets chirping and the deep-throated croaking of the frogs that live around my goldfish ponds. The gardens are actually looking pretty nice this year. I need to fertilize them again but they are doing much better than last year. We are obviously still in a drought but we’ve had quite a bit more rain this year than we did last, at least around here.
I’ve lost my train of thought. Time for a smoke and then bed. Five AM comes far too early…

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