So we got home a day early. Both the wife and myself were pretty much ready a couple of days ago to come on home. Disney is great but walking for seventeen hours in the hot Florida Sun several days in a row tends to suck the life our of you. Combine that with no cigarettes for a week. Tempers were getting a bit short by the time we finally left this morning.
I will go into greater detail with plenty of pictures over the next few days but here’s one from the first day at the Magic Kingdom.
The Girls and Winnie the Pooh
I will say that we had a wonderful time. I guess if I had more time off work during the summer and an unlimited amount of money we might have stayed longer but we wanted to pack everything in so as not to miss anything and that’s pretty much what kicks our ass every time.
I have quite a bit to post about but just don’t feel like writing currently.

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