Disney Day One (and two)…

The first couple of days of my vacation were pretty uneventful. Wednesday I spent the morning running around, taking the dog to the kennel, packing and repacking the car, doctor’s appointments and filling prescriptions prior to leaving town. It seems like a lot to be doing on the very day that I was leaving town but it was also my first day off of work so I had not had the chance to take care of any of it prior to that day.

I actually managed to get a nap in prior to the wife coming home from work as well, which was going to be needed. I planned to drive to Lake City Florida and spend the night, which is exactly what we ended up doing. Prior to that we stopped somewhere south of Macon for dinner. I had picked up cold cuts, boiled eggs and other goodies. Last Wednesday was our actual 20th anniversary so if we were going to be on the road I wanted our celebration to be nice. We drove on and made it to Lake City around 9pm or so and spent the night at…Best Western I believe it was. I would have to find the receipt to be sure. It certainly wasn’t anyplace I would remember. Just another generic hotel room with crappy too soft beds and a continental breakfast.

Magic Kingdom Entrance
We made it to Disney before 11 on Thursday morning…

Once we got there we immediately drove to the Polynesian Resort to check in. While it was too early to actually get the room and put our stuff in there I knew that we could get our keycards which contain ID, park tickets, room keys, and meal information. I also had mine linked to my bank account so that we could just charge any purchases to the room as well. Very convenient. Once we had checked in the bellhops locked our stuff up and we changed so that we could head off to one of the water parks, Typhoon Lagoon. It was OK, I think the girls enjoyed it a bit more than I did.

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We hung at the water park for a while and once we were able to check in to the room we took the bus back to the resort and I took a nap while the girls went swimming.

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I am almost sorry I napped, but I was pretty beat from the drive and then hanging at the water park. The wife got to watch the Space Shuttle lift off in the distance from the beach while I was asleep. I don’t guess you could see much more than the smoke but cool nonetheless.

After they woke me up we went to eat supper and then hung out on the beach to watch fireworks.

Disney World - Stephanie's Pictures 027.JPG

They also do this light show on the lakes on either side of the magic kingdom that is pretty cool as well. Some things never change I suppose. I can remember the light show out on the lake when I went as a child 31 years ago. I guess Disney World was about five years old at that point. We stayed in the Camp Wilderness camp ground when I was a kid. My version of camping now revolves around a hotel room with air conditioning and someone else to prepare my food.

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  1. Me and my family were at Disney this time last year. I was lucky because they had a shuttle lift off on my birthday and my hubby bought tickets to where we were 6 miles from the launch pad. Talk about a lot of shaking going on. It was something I’ll never forget.

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