Hollywood Studios Part Deux

So after breakfast we caught the bus to Hollywood Studios. The last time we went I don’t think we enjoyed it quite as much as we did this time. The split up more this time. It was almost like two vacations. That way we could do things that each of the girls enjoyed without cramping the other’s style.

Most of the design in Hollywood Studios is modeled after the ’40s and ’50s. The heyday of Hollywood. This old truck sits just inside the gate.

Disney World - Richie's Pictures 226

Sometimes they just have to put up with me wanting to take pictures. Considering how shitty my memory is, photos ARE my memories.

The obligatory Mickey hat photo…

Disney World - Richie's Pictures 230

One thing that was really funny was that when we got to the area where the kids get to meet Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable Pete had no interest whatsoever but RePete wanted her picture taken. What happens when they get there? Just the opposite. Repete wouldn’t go near them. I think she was expecting cartoon people to come out because when she saw them she hid behind me 🙂

Disney World - Richie's Pictures 236

I’m pretty beat, so I will be sure to post more photos tomorrow…

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time. I really need to save money and go to Universal Studios. But with the prices of everything, I think I would either need to save for a few years, or just keep it as a dream.

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