Work Sucks…

This sucks. I had one day off last week. This week I had only yesterday and I had to go in for a couple of hours. I did not want to get out of bed today and damn sure don’t want to drive to work. It’s certainly going to be a busy day…

We had a power outage on Tuesday night at the store I will be at today. There is apparently no surge protector in the store so when the power came back on it fried the PSU for the computer. Wednesday is our weekly close-out day for payroll and everything else so our corporate office overnighted a computer. Just as soon as it comes in this morning I have to restore a backup from the old one and close out all of my numbers. They have to have the payroll information by 11AM so it cuts it kind of close on time.

Depending on how long my meetings last me today, I may try to get back online and post for a while.

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