July 13, 2008

Remember the Snake Lady?

Image via Wikipedia I haven’t posted about the snake lady in quite some time. Remember her? She’s the hippie lady that worked for me. The one that missed work because her chicken died. Boy I ranted about that one. I don’t guess I have posted much about work here in quite some time. That’s more…Read more

Silly Sunday

Image via Wikipedia I absolutely dislike my grandma Trish. Occasionally she is really crazy, then last week she just disturbed me… I begged her guidance thinking about literature on the African subcontinent, but then she was all: “Get out! I am so sick of hearing about the African subcontinent all the time!“ At first I…Read more

Silly Sunday

I very much dislike my nephew Junior. At times he is really difficult to handle, but then last week he just disturbed me… I could really use his help talking to someone about luck on the African subcontinent, but then he began yelling: “No kidding?! I love the African subcontinent so much!“ At first I…Read more