Remember the Snake Lady?

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I haven’t posted about the snake lady in quite some time. Remember her? She’s the hippie lady that worked for me. The one that missed work because her chicken died. Boy I ranted about that one. I don’t guess I have posted much about work here in quite some time. That’s more because there are folks that know me at work and also know about my blog. They don’t bother me much but what would bother me would be to have one of my superiors come by and read me ranting and cussing about something the company is/was doing. That could get ugly, particularly since I am trying to stay on a somewhat upwardly mobile track.
Anyway, I came across this story a couple of minutes ago and it got me to thinking about the snake lady…

The snake lady got that name for good reason. She and her husband, known to her and everyone else as “Snake Man” bought and sold illegal highly poisonous reptiles. They dealt with collectors, snake handlers, who the heck knows what else. Just freaky. If you called her and told her you had a snake in your yard or under the house she would drop what she was doing then and there and bolt out the door to go hang with the snakes.
I don’t like snakes. Dead ones are OK but that’s about it. Snakes sit just slightly higher on the dislike scale than spiders and other bugs do and only because they are bigger and I can see them better.
CNN also has this story up, I just came across it in the related entries. Basically they did a two year investigation and have arrested ten people including the pastor of a snake handling church in Kentucky as well as confiscating over a hundred snakes. Yuck!
Nothing like a little snake handling convention I guess. Heck, next year I might just have to go down to the Claxton Rattlesnake Roundup with Velociman hisself. Hey, and if the damned snakes don’t freak you out, go read the post at the top of his page. Made my nuts shrink up in my tummy just thinking about it.

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  1. I hate hearing stories like this. It give legitimated reptile keepers a really bad name.
    I’m a reptile lover and reptile hobbyist. In fact my first foray into keeping webpages was the creation of my huge reptile care website. I’m not big on snakes – wouldn’t keep them, but I also wouldn’t harm them. My specialty is lizards and turtles. I’m known in the herp world as the ‘dragon Lady’ because of my love for Chinese Water dragons (a medium sized very pretty green lizard).
    It’s people like your snake lady and those that sell dangerous reptiles illegally that both damage the reputation of reptiles (most are non poisonous and helpful to the environment) and make it harder for those of us who keep harmless reptiles and teach others about them because new city bylaws end up getting created banning things like harmless little anoles etc.
    Sorry that’s my little rant on the subject. LOL

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