Time For A Haircut…

This was my weekend off and it was a pretty restful one as well. I didn’t get out of bed until after nine yesterday morning and after working in the yard for a while I ended up taking a pretty long nap as well. Very nice. I haven’t had two days off in the same week since out barbecue back in the middle of July. I only have to work three days this week and then will end up being off on Thursday as well. Normally I would be off next Sunday but since the boss is going on his ten day vacation I have to work. The good thing is that I will have a manager trainee with me most of the week and all of my managers are working Sunday so I will shoot out of there pretty early.

I posted a while back that I had sent in my application for advancement last month. My area vice president finally received the stuff from corporate and he is supposed to be coming out to interview me later this week. I’m crossing my fingers. If I can get on the promotable list it might only mean a four or five month wait as long as I am willing to commute. I had the wife trim my hair a little while ago in preparation for the interview. The last couple of years I have kept it shaved but for some reason I have let it grow out a bit lately. It was getting a bit shaggy around the ears and back so she fixed me right up.

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