Suffer No Fucking Fools…

Today started out the same way the last couple of days have. Force myself out of bed, drink coffee and drag my sorry ass into work. I have not been the least bit interested in going to work and have pretty much felt like crap as I mentioned the other day. My ear still hurts and is slightly swollen around it. I’m assuming it’s infected. Nothing nasty coming out yet, which is a good thing.

Most of my employees know not to mess with me first thing in the morning and the one’s that don’t learn fast. It’s not that I am an ass or anything but even with getting up at 4:30 AM I am still groggy as hell two hours later. The older I get the longer it seems to take to get my day started properly. Should I sleep late and not be able to get my wake-up shower, I’m fucked for the entire day.

So I get to work and get my days started. First thing the tell me I’ve got a drifter that’s been in the store since 4PM the day before and I would probably need to run him out. The police had been up the afternoon before and I guess the Bremen PD has some sort of a budget that they can put drifters up in a hotel overnight if they don’t have any money. This guy had some so they just left his ass sitting there.

Fast forward 17 hours. I waited until about 8AM and asked the dude if he had someone he could call for a ride. He said he was waiting out the rain. Being as how he had been there 17 hours and not left I told him as soon as it let up a bit (it was pouring) he was going to have to leave. He started out with “I’m a paying customer…” which is when I interrupted him.

Just because you have paid for a cup of coffee or even a meal it doesn’t entitle you to sit on my property, my private property, for seventeen fucking hours, which I let him know. I also told him that if it was an issue I could just let the police handle it as I was sure they would offer him a ride somewhere and I left it at that and went back to cooking.

A couple of minutes later and I hear this fool running his fucking mouth and all of my employees and customer’s looking at him like he had lost his mind. He’s down on the far end of the restaurant being loud talking about it being public property and him being entitled, suing me, suing the police department, etc…blah blah blah. I stopped what I was doing and went on down and explained that if he couldn’t be quiet he would be immediately leaving, rain or no rain. So then the stupid fucker says “why don’t we go on out in the parking lot and see about it”.

YOU FUCKING RETARD. He just doesn’t know how much I would love to take him up on that but my company has a policy that ANYONE involved in a fight is terminated, no questions asked. Now if he came across the counter into the employee area I am reasonably sure I could beat him down without worry but you never know, so I told him “no thanks” and let him know that if he couldn’t keep his mouth shut I would have the law remove him immediately.

The day pretty much went downhill from there and while there was no further excitement it just dragged on and on. I have to work in my Temple store tomorrow and then I actually get a day off before the holiday weekend. I don’t have to cook tomorrow which means I can get some paperwork and whatnot finished.

Just another day in paradise…

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