AP Photos and Video From Hurricane Gustav

Looks like New Orleans has escaped a direct hit, although Houma got hit pretty hard. From what I read earlier the 9th ward has some flooding but for the most part the city escaped with a glancing blow. The video has some photos taken in the New Orleans are before during and after the storm.
I just came across this story a few minutes ago. Four people fleeing Hurricane Gustav were killed in an accident on I-20 right near where I live the other night/morning. Unless I have to be at my Tallapoosa store I generally stay off of 20 so didn’t even hear about it until several hours later. I feel bad for the folks. From what I understand they had been driving for quite a while and fell asleep, although that’s just hearsay.

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2 throughts on "AP Photos and Video From Hurricane Gustav"

  1. So sad about the family killed. I can’t image what all of the residents must be going thru right now, so soon after Katrina.
    Jim, thanks for the live webcam link, I’ll check it out.
    Prayers for all who are being impacted by the weather!

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