T-Mobile Google Powered Phone Available

    Google has finally made it's debut as a cell phone software provider and as of yesterday T-Mobile had the phones running Android available online as well as in some of it's stores.

According to the AP it looks something like Apple’s iPhone. WTF? Except for the fact that it has a large touchscreen it looks nothing whatsoever like the iPhone. It does have a trackball as well as a slide-out keyboard which looks really nice. Not only that but the phone debuted at under $200. That is great! I normally pay between $300-500 for a new phone.

There aren’t really any ‘new’ features in the phone that other ones don’t already have but Google is counting on developers to really extend the phone by writing applications for it. Apple is at at disadvantage here because it keeps such tight control over the stuff you find in it’s app store.

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