Not Today…

I don’t think I have any posts scheduled for today so it may be a bit slow around here. I worked until 9pm last night and was pretty tired so I didn’t get anything else written. I will have “This Week on America’s Most Wanted” up mid-morning but that’s about it.

My manager at my farthest store was off for the last couple of days and with it being Friday night I went in for shift change. Pulled a few items that I thought they might be running low on and checked with the servers and cooks to make sure they didn’t need anything else. They waited until I had been home for 45 minutes or so and called me back. “We’re out of lettuce”. I said that if they wanted they could drive to the next exit and I would make sure that the folks working would give them enough to get through the night. The woman that called me refused, citing the fact that she wasn’t willing to leave and lose tips. I don’t see how she would unless they are so fucking greedy there that they won’t watch each other’s stations. I told her that I had already been there and asked if they needed anything and wasn’t going to leave the house and spend 45 minutes to get them two or three heads of lettuce when they had the opportunity to tell me about it prior to that. She was not happy in the least.
So then one of my other stores started calling me shortly after 1am this morning. Needless to say I haven’t had much sleep. I am pretty pissy this morning.
The Georgia-Alabama game is tonight and we are supposed to be going to a party at a friend’s house this evening. Being as how the manager that’s off this weekend has left me woefully understaffed I may or may not be going at all. Asshats.
Just needed to rant. This week on AMW will be up in a couple of hours.

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