Now…and Then

It’s amazing how things change. I don’t remember what got me onto this topic last night with the wife, but I showed her this old video of Judas Priest. Actually I showed her Rocka Rolla but I like Dreamer Deceiver much better, which is why I’ve posted it here.

Back in 1975 they hadn’t yet made the move into leather and chains. That would come shortly after. Interesting how they look now.
While the look has changed immensely their music still kicks ass. I love everything from Rocka Rolla all the way up to Nostradamus except for the period of time when Ripper Owens took Rob Halford’s place. It just wasn’t the same band without the old goober smoocher. I didn’t like the Turbo era much either but it’s still better than the crap they put out during Rob’s absence.
Here’s one of the latest…

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