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I spent a few minutes cleaning up the blogs a little more today. I’ve moved my blogrolls over here from Shadowscope. Most of them are personal links and don’t have anything whatsoever to do with crime blogging anyway. It allowed me to clean up my main page over there a little and makes it a little easier to identify this site, as if my shitty prose weren’t enough to do that.
Managed to get a day off this week, which is always welcome. I went ahead and got out of bed this morning to help the wife get ready and see the curtain climbers off to school, then puttered around the house a bit so it wouldn’t look so nasty. My oven was delivered late last week and the handy-man dude is coming over later to help me haul it upstairs and hook it up for me. I could probably manage hooking it up myself but he’s got to make a living too. When I ordered the new oven I saved somewhere around $100 by just having them drop it in my driveway, figuring I would rather pay him to come do it. He’s got to make a living too.
Speaking of the handy-man, I’m going to get a quote from him on extending the back porch as well. Not in the next month but at least prior to our get-together at the end of May. I want to run it to the end of the house, probably adding on at least another ten feet. More if I have him run it to the other end as well. It really just depends on how much he’s going to charge me. It would be nice to have the space on the deck for parties. It’s still a bit early to start planning the party but it is coming, so have your asses here. We always have a blast and there is plenty of food and alcohol as well as stuff for kids to do too if you so happen to have rugrats tagging along. Normally there are enough sober people to keep an eye on them as well 🙂

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