New Storm OS Leak:

    <div class="zemanta-img" style="margin: 1em; float: left; display: block; width: 97px;"><a href=";utm_medium=p&amp;utm_content=03lMfuV7Iqd0o&amp;utm_campaign=z1"><img src="" alt="UNDATED - This handout image supplied by Veriz..." style="border: medium none ; display: block;" width="87" height="150" /></a><p class="zemanta-img-attribution" style="font-size: 0.8em;">Image by <a href="">Getty Images</a> via <a href="">Daylife</a></p></div>OS for the Blackberry Storm has been released into the wild. Before you head over looking for links to download bear in mind that this is a beta release and can hose your storm and turn it into a brick if you screw it up.

That having been said I am currently running version .103 right now, the last official Verizon release being .75. I tend to wait a while myself and let everyone else find all of the bugs before I upgrade myself simply because my phone also doubles as my home and business line and I don’t need a non-working device if the bugs are too ugly.

If you are still interested, head over to the CrackBerry forums where you can find more information.

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