It keeps going…

The energizer bunny by god. That’s me some days, or at least it feels like it.
I didn’t sleep for shit last night. In bed at midnight, up at 2AM, up again for work at 5:30ish. Although it was officially my day off one of my managers is off as well so I am responsible for staffing and whatnot. Wednesday being payroll day I had to show up at 6:30 and send that stuff to the office and then pressure wash one of the sidewalks at another one of my stores. I managed to finish that stuff up shortly before lunch so went and got a haircut, which looks mighty fine, I might add.
Arrive home at noon, plant a bunch of flowers, vines, a bush or two. Cleaned out the other pond, which was really nasty. Nasty enough so that I couldn’t see my hand when I stuck it in to pull out the plants. Got this one huge 3’x3′ mass of lily pad roots and miscellaneous garbage that they have grown around. From the bottom it looks like hundreds of snakes or worms all wriggling around. Like I said, fucking nasty. Trimmed back the Wysteria and wove some of the extra in around the wiring which brings us to right now.
I also put in some kind of pond grass that the wife picked up from a friend. Half of it in the pond and the other half just outside as an experiment to see if it will grow. It get’s these really cool purple flowers but other than that I have no idea what it is.
Now that I’ve showered and am starting to fel a little better I think I might print out a burn permit and get rid of a couple of piles of brush that are just sitting there calling my name. I’ll have to wait a little while though. The girls have to be picked up from school in a half an hour or so and I need to put a couple of posts up at my other sites anyway.
Hell, the day’s only halfway over. I’m sure I can find something else to do as well. I know my seedlings need to be watered but I can do some of them while I’m burning.

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