"Big Chris" Fears Raped a 14 Year Old Girl and Got Her Pregnant


Big Chris’ MySpace page

Back on May 15th “Big Chris” Fears of Golf Manor, OH allegedly got drunk and raped a 14-year-old girl. Now she’s pregnant with his child. The accusations came out when the girl found out she was pregnant and told her mother that Fears raped her according to court records.

When the girl’s mother confronted Fears he told her that he was drunk at the time and was sorry. He also told her he had come up with the money for an abortion. What a guy!

The mother went to the Golf Manor police station to report the incident and Chris Fears also called police himself except that he called his friend, Police Chief Eddie Taylor, and told him he had “made a mistake and was going to go and turn himself in” At least he had the guts to do the right thing at the end. If only he had done the right thing in the first place.

What sucks is the fact that he didn’t just victimize the 14-year-old girl. He also victimized his wife and children as well.

Chris’ last status update on his MySpace page is “going away for awile love yall”


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