Posting and Whatnot

While I am posting crime entries at an entirely different site now some of the archives remain. The images are gone but the posts are all mirrored at the other site.

My personal stuff is at yet another blog. I most likely won’t be moving them over here because it’s a big pain in the ass to export and import seven + years of entries.

Why three sites?

I figure I will continue to post in all three. This one for mostly family-safe stuff (other than the older crime-related posts that your children darn sure don’t need to see, my other personal one for NSFW type junk and general ramblings, and of course the third site for my crime-blogging exploits. I also actually own a few more domains with blogs on them and may or may not occasionally update them as well, depending on my current set of interests and time.

Anyway, see you at some point tomorrow!

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