Vacation Time

Can’t sleep.

The girls and I fly out in a couple of hours for another foray to Disney World, which has become their favorite place to vacation over the last few years. Hell, we have just as much fun and they do a pretty good job at giving you a great time so that the cost doesn’t make you feel like you’re getting fucked in the ass without a reach-around kiss.

I got very little sleep Tuesday night and really felt like I would sleep like the dead last night. I had it all planned out. Get to bed shortly after nine and get up at four.

The reality set in. It was almost eleven last night when I finally gave up fooling with my Windows Media Center PC and hit the sack. So who is it that’s up bright and early at a quarter of three this morning? It damn sure isn’t my kids. I guess I am a kid at heart anyway and am pretty excited about going.

I’ll be sorry not to make it up to Eric’s next week. I was hoping I would be able to work it out so that I could at least drive up there for the day but it doesn’t look like it’s going to work out that way. Perhaps next year, although I already have my vacation for next October planned for the same time as this year, over the Halloween weekend.

See you folks in a week or so and I’ll let you know if I get that reach-around.

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