Two More Days of Vacation Left

Taking the wee one to the doctor shortly so I figured I would stop in for a minute or two.

My youngest has always been pretty tiny but for the last year or so she has had quite a few growth spurts and the growing pains are excruciating for her. I can remember how my legs hurt as a teen and it was not something I particularly enjoyed.

While it is most likely exactly what I posted above, we just want to make sure that it’s just growing pains. She cries at times because they are so bad. It may just be that her tolerance for pain is not particularly high but we have to be sure.

It’s been a pretty uneventful vacation week so far, which is a good thing. Still trying to make up for lost sleep but the fact that I am staying up too late and still getting up with the family in the morning doesn’t help. Today was the last day this week I would have been able to sleep in due to plans for the rest of the week. Maybe after I drop my daughter at school I can get a nap in.

Anyway, not much else planned. I am going to get back to scanning some of my dad’s old slides tonight and I’ll either post them to Flickr or Facebook or perhaps both. Some of his date back to the early sixties but there are quite a few photos as far back as the 1800’s including some dry plates (glass negative plates). Eventually I will get them all scanned as well as a shitload of documents and then I will donate most of the older stuff to the Sandy Springs Historical Society. My Great Aunt Sold/Donated the last 22 acres of the family property and a park is supposed to be created there. It’s called the Lost Corner Preserve. It sort of pissed me off at the time that my father and his brother were never notified about it but since the land passed from her brothers to my Aunt Peggy there wasn’t a fuck of a lot to do after the fact.

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