The Continuing Saga of Car Wars

After work this afternoon I made sure to stop in at the restaurant where my car was hit last night and speak with my employee.

Poor mae…

Anyway, when i spoke with him on the phone earlier he mentioned something about just paying for it out of pocket. Problem is then i have to pay for it and try to collect my money. I’m not having any of that shit.

I took a pic of his insurance card and the damage to both if our cars. He is supposed to call his agent monday but i left him a voice mail any way. If he hasn’t called me by monday afternoon i will pay my agent a visit and allstate can sue the shit out of him. Just as long as my car is fixed.

When he found out i was coming up there and wanted his insurance info he apparently got very nervous and started shaking and dropping stuff. He looked like he was going to pike when i took the pictures. Oh fucking well. Learn to drive…

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