Another Day in Paradise Part Deux…

I started my day in a fairly pissy mood and it really didn’t get any better until I got home 14 hours later. I think I just decided subconsciously on the way to work to be a bastard today or something.

After being in this business for the last 24 years you would think that it wouldn’t surprise me that some people are basically just fucking lazy and just won’t do what you ask them. I have been telling this one person who is over about 30 of my employees to do several basic parts of his job for the last nine weeks and he still isn’t doing it. WTF? About four weeks ago I stopped telling him verbally and started putting it in writing, leaving the guy weekly notes as to what I want him to accomplish that week. I will give him another week or two and then it will be time for me to do my semi-annual evaluations on my management team.

He’s new so I don’t expect him to be able to get everything done and I certainly don’t expect him to be an expert on his job yet but he is shirking his managerial duties and having hourly employees do his paperwork and other parts of his job. It’s starting to tread into legal territory and that I don’t like. Maybe the evaluation will be enough to straighten him up. We’ll see.

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