New users – one cool thing about Google+ is that you can "mute" posts

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New users – one cool thing about Google+ is that you can "mute" posts. What that means, is if a post keeps showing up at the top of your stream because people are commenting on it, you can make it disappear so you'll never see it again. This comes in handy when a user like me (with lots of friends on my list) posts something… you've seen it, read it, good. You don't want to see people comment on it all day long after that? Just mute the post!

This .GIF I'm sharing is funny and if your mind is open, it'll reinforce one of the great philosophical lessons — truth is not as "objective" as we might assume, everything we see & understand comes from a certain perspective. That said, you probably won't find an interesting discussion about Nietzsche's perspectivism under the .GIF. So if the discussion is boring you, MUTE AWAY!

To mute, mouse over the circle with the arrow in it (to the right of the post header) and click the "Mute this post". If for some reason you should want to Unmute, just return to my profile, find the post, and mouseover the little circle / arrow header again. There's an Unmute option. If I'd had known this in the beginning of my G+ experience it would have saved me a lot of time… Enjoy 🙂

UPDATE: Oh yes, keep in mind that you can control email notifications. No brainer / of course you can, but I've seen a lot of people complain about them when they start on G+. For what its worth, I've turned off all the notifications except for those that tell me when I'm mentioned in a post. That's usually worth clicking on if someone is trying to talk to me / say something to me, and because I get so many of them, the regular notifications on the site (top right red indicator) aren't sufficient. It maxes at 10!

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