So up until the previous Wordless Wednesday post I put up a few minutes ago this is the first time I’ve blogged since April.


Holy Shit.

So why do I even bother to keep my site(s) online?

Good question.

I won’t even apologize for the lack of posting. That’s pretty fucking lame. Suffice it to say that I have been busy with other pursuits. Work, work, occasional sleep, work…I think you get the picture. That and after twelve years of blogging it just hasn’t been quite as important.

Twelve years. That seems sort of amazing to me and it’s one of the reasons I am online typing this right now. Quite a bit has changed for me over the last twelve years, both online as well as in real life.

Originally I mainly wrote about techie stuff, mostly Windows customization. Then I started drifting into crime as well as personal updates. I drifted into the whole social media thing. Twitter and Facebook  as well as a few others. I used them along with about fifteen or twenty other sites mainly to promote my web sites but over the last couple of years Facebook and now Google+ have pretty much replaced the blog as the place to post my thoughts. It’s a hell of a lot easier to type out a 140 character soundbite to tell how I am doing than it is to actually put down what’s going through my head…

I enjoy blogging though and while I may or may not continue to blog on any type of regular basis only time will tell. Don’t know about the crime blogging though. My crime site is still online and will most likely remain so since I still have advertising income coming in from that but I don’t know if I will return to it. I plan on at least putting out an update over there today but I don’t have any regular plans to update the site. Perhaps one of the folks that occasionally stop in will also put out a story or two. You never know. All total I have five different domains I still own (I let the other five lapse). This is one, the crime site is another and Shadowscope (my original blog) is still there too. I have it up to syndicate and pull in my posts from both sites because it’s been up so long. I also own a domain I used to put tech stuff online but am not currently using it or my daughter’s site which has also been pretty much abandoned.

Whatever. So how about an update or two?

I am unfortunately getting older every day and things that were important to me a decade ago no longer seem quite so important, having been supplanted by other new crap 🙂

My son who I have posted about in the past finished his time in the Marine Corps and returned safely home to us in June. He is currently working for me until he starts school in January. He’ll be going to Columbia University in New York City. We are very excited about that. It’ll be a great experience for him as well as open a lot of doors. He’s considering getting his degree in Economics. We’ll see.

The girls are busy as well. The youngest is right and my eldest daughter will be fourteen next month. Fuck, where does the time go. She’s involved in music and most likely this will be the path she will be taking. She plays in the band at the middle school but is also one of a few middle school students who get to play in the local high school’s marching band.

Of course I am still doing the same old shit. I have been moved around to different stores several times and now have the exact same district I was running five years ago. Of course it’s in horrible shape so I get to spend the next six months getting shit right. I have pretty much quit wondering why some people in management don’t give a fuck enough about their job to actually do it as they are asked. It’s pointless. All I can do is go in and be an asshole and make whatever changes are needed to get things back in line. It’s going to hurt my paycheck for several months but in the end it’s the right thing to do.

I had some other shit I wanted to write about but that train of thought has completely derailed by the ramen noodles my daughter just made. Guess it’s time to sign out.

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