Three Weeks

So I managed to get the day off work; at least most of it. Unfortunately I still have to stay in touch as one of my three managers is on vacation. That means that if there are any staffing issues I’ll have to take care of them.

They’ve moved me into new stores again. I’ve now got the same three stores that I had four years ago. That would be a good thing if shitty management hadn’t really hurt the sales. In the long run it means that my sales bonuses are pretty much guaranteed for a year or two as I pull folks back in but in the meantime it means I’ve taken about a 60% pay cut which fucking hurts considering I owe the IRS about $15k before late fees and penalties. Not a happy camper about that but just something to deal with for a little while as I pay them off. No trips to Disney or anywhere else for a year or two I guess.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be going to Eric’s at the end of the month though. Already reserved the hotel room and I’m looking forward to my week of vacation during Halloween. Thus far it looks like it will be a smaller gathering than past years but just as much fun I am sure. Last year we took the girls to Disney over Halloween so I missed out on going. It’ll be nice to see everybody.


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