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In the wake of all the bullshit surrounding the OWS and the 99%ers I realized on my last bi-yearly visit that my tagline was misleading and felt the need to share a little bit about what it is and why it has nothing to do with the protesters.

While I may be part of that 99% in fact AND I believe that some of the stuff being protested is a good thing I am not a supporter. Just as the Tea Party has moved away from it’s grass roots and way off into right wing lunacy so the OWS has done the same thing just in the opposite direction. I would hate to be identified with either fucking group.

Anyway, politics aside the tagline at the top of the blog has nothing whatsoever to do with them.

Once up0n a time there was a blogger named Rob Smith (Acidman). I was an avid reader at his site and while I had been running my original site (Shadowscope, now just an aggregator <sp?> for all my sites) for five years prior to that he was one of the people that I looked up to in blogging. Once I saw what that whole blogging thing was about (sometime in 2003) I moved away from manually updating a web page on a daily basis to something a little closer to what it is now.

Getting to the point….

In 2005 Rob posted this little gem,

A lot of blogs are personal journals and about 99% of them are pure bullshit. But some can remain personal and still be entertaining.

Fucking perfect and that is the 99% I consider myself a part of.

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