“Social Media”

It seems as though perhaps I fell prey to one of the downfalls of social media. The end effect of that is that I have been spending all of my computer time on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter (yes, that is shameless linking to my profiles) not to mention a few of the other sites. That’s not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself but I feel like I have lost a connection. Not to my own self but to other people, mainly those that are linked in my sidebar as well as a few others I may not have added yet.

There’s something about blogging (and participating in other’s blogs) that is much more personal than the one or two line posts on the social networking sites. Obviously I have gotten out of the habit and it may be another nine fucking months before I write another goddamn line but from here on out I think I will at least attempt to revisit some of the sites I love to read and perhaps start writing here again as well.

Don’t fucking hold your breath though…

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