Thursday Thirteen

Here’s this week’s Thursday Thirteen. Apparently the original meme has disappeared but there are still several folks participating so what the heck.

This week’s Thursday Thirteen is the “recent books edition.” I’ve been rereading Stephen King (and Michael Connelly’s novels) lately so they are a large part of the list.

  1. The Dark Half – Stephen King

  2. Trunk Murder – Michael Connelly

  3. Cujo – Stephen Kin

  4. The Tommyknockers – Stephen King

  5. The Last Coyote – Michael Connelly

  6. The Narrows – Michael Connelly

  7. The Drop – Michael Connelly

  8. Misery – Stephen King

  9. The Eyes of the Dragon – Stephen King

  10. Firestarter – Stephen King

  11. Carrie – Stephen King

  12. Salem’s Lot – Stephen King

and last but not least

  1. The Dead Zone – Stephen King.

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