Showing Up is 80%

So it’s been awhile since I posted about work. Just one of those things I try not to do. Matter of fact, I cleaned up most of the posts a couple of years ago and deleted half of the stuff I had written that concerned work.

Anyway, today completely sucked. I’ve started to take Wellbutrin again in preparation for yet another attempt to quit smoking so I am crabby as hell.

The words “What is your fucking malfunction?” came within a split second of slipping between my lips today in the direction of one of my waitresses. Luckily I have spent years perfecting “think before you speak” and I managed to keep my mouth shut. They all KNEW though. Even the customers knew I wanted to smack that crack-addled useless pile of human waste.

There. I feel much better now.

I need to win the lotto (going to have to play to do that…) so that I can retire. 25 years with the same company. Whew. If I managed to win about 5 million or so I wouldn’t quit or retire right away. Oh hell no. I would see how long it took me to get fired for harassment. “Pick up you stupid bitch” comes to mind…

Wish me luck with the smoking. Already started to cut back hopefully this will be the time. I’ve been smoking for 32 years. Holy crap.

BTW, a special treat in the morning for Thursday Thongs. W00T!

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