Lunatix, Netfoss and SBBS

I finally managed to get Lunatix running on my SBBS system tonight. Originally I was trying to use it with Synchronet’s built-in fossil support but it was so fucking slow as to be unusable so I set it up with Netfoss and kept getting errors that netfoss.dll couldn’t be found. As with anything one I walked away from it for a day I was able to figure out what the configuration needed to be so here’s my setup:

The first one’s just a screenshot of the games I currently have running.

Make sure that you set “Native Executable” to yes so that Synchronet doesn’t attempt to use it’s fossil driver.

The /N%# tells both Netfoss and Lunatix what node number it’s being run from and the /H tells Netfoss the socket handle.

Set up Lunatix to use whatever drop file you are most comfortable with that both support. I’m using Dorinfo1.def in the example above.

Now it’s running MUCH more smoothly than before.

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