Google Cardboard

A couple of weeks ago I gave in and ordered a Google Cardboard kit. If you aren’t familiar with it, cardboard is the VR headset that you can make out of… You guessed it, cardboard. Well, a few other things as well.
You can find directions on how to make it here as well as links to vendors who sell the $25 kit if you aren’t as handy or if you’re lazy like me.
Some pics of the kit…
The directions from the company I got it from, DoDoCase, aren’t all that clear but they do have a YouTube video up with step by step.
The finished project.
One thing I found was that it’s big enough for a regular phone, but the screen itself on my daughter’s Moto X just wasn’t really big enough. My Note 3, however, was the perfect size. Problem is its and extremely tight Fit. Unless I left the case on it was constantly adjusting the volume due to where the buttons sit. With the case on I had to bend the top flap a good bit for it to sit in there. Now that I’ve put one together I’m pretty sure I could use the miscellaneous parts and get my own cardboard except make it bigger so that the Note 3 will fit in.
I have played around with a couple of the apps you can download from the play store. Hang gliding, Google Earth tours and stuff like that. It’s pretty cool and it’s almost as much fun to watch someone else hold it up to their head and move around as they are doing stuff. Like a drunk Stevie Wonder.

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