Another Update on the Site

So I’ve managed to set up apache, mysql and wordpress on my machine here. I had to manually edit some of the recovered sql files and was able to import a couple thousand more lost posts and several thousand comments.

Still missing quite a bit but I think that’s all I’ll be able to recover. Ugh. Have to remember to make occasional backups from here on out. After 15 years of blogging and not being hacked I got lazy.

Anyway, the BBS is still up. Most of the links on the pages don’t work and flashterm is down until I get around to working on it but you can still access the BBS via telnet at, port 23 as usual. If you already have a bbs account you can get to the web version at

Only thing you can really do currently there is to check netmail and echomail conferences but I’ll get the ftelnet applet working again as I mentioned above.

If you are looking for mug shots on the posts I recovered from Sick Crimes, most of the posts are there but no media. Sorry about that.

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