An Awesome Web Host…and More

Thanks to my provider, Livingdot, for getting php upgraded on my server and helping to lock down some of my security issues that I had. Probably I would have caught some of them if the sites hadn’t pretty much lain dormant for the last five years aside from occasional updates. I’ve been with Livingdot for…I don’t know, ten or twelve years now and they never disappoint. I probably should add an affiliate link but I don’t remember it or even if I signed up for that.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I managed to recover quite a bit of the posts and some of the graphics from my sites. I have decided to just have all of my URLs direct folks here and just run the one blog. As little as I am writing nowadays I am better off focusing on the one site.

I will occasionally continue to do sponsored reviews, although as I was always pretty honest in what I thought about products, so never did get too many bids lol. Also, unless traffic picks up immensely and I have to increase my hosting costs there will be no ads. I won’t say never though as at one point a few years back the traffic was pretty high and I had to pay extra for bandwidth every month.

Don’t know how many crime posts I’ll be putting online but the urge does occasionally strike….so maybe lol.

Haven’t connected the site back to Titter yet (as far as automatically posting links) but I will probably do that very soon.

I have had to temporarily disconnect my Home Automation server and guest account. I was running a beta version of HomeSeer (the linux variant) and it kept giving guests access to light controls even though I specifically blocked those devices. Decided to move back to one of the extra windows laptops and I inadvertently unplugged my Raspberry Pi, corrupting the SD card in the process, making the data inaccesible. Not a happy camper at this point as that means recreating all of my events, devices, scripts, etc. Fuck me. Anyway, It’ll be back online in the next 24 hours or so.

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