WordPress Help Needed…

I could really use some help with WP from an “expert”

Currently shadowscope is installed in it’s own subdirectory off of my main site but I have it resolve to shadowscope.com

In order to do that I had to make sure that my .htaccess pointed in the correct direction. Everything seems to work OK. You can get to most of the pages and I can post things. For some reason, ALMOST every time I try to log in to the backend, I have to reset my password. I say almost because for some reason I was actually able to log in this time.

In addition, I can’t seem to connect my site to IFTTT. It used to be, but no longer will let me connect. Same with wordpress.com, I was able to write a post and publish it earlier (the first one of today, about InterBBS games) but it won’t let me save any posts now.

I’m pretty much at a loss and not sure what I need to do to fix it. A simple solution would be to get rid of the .htaccess and make everyone come to shadowscope.com/blog however my site has been up 17 years and I really don’t want to break any existing links in to the site.

Anyone have suggestions please comment, shoot me an email or PM me in Hangouts. I’ve got a ton of stuff on my plate and don’t feel like spending the next two days trying to dig up an answer.


I fixed it. The WordPress Codex has some good stuff here and I ended up having to fix the blog URL in one of the SQL tables in order to get it working properly. Since my site is under /blog and redirected using the .htaccess it was this bit.

In this event, double-check your wp-options table siteurl (WordPress address URL) and home (Blog Address URL) values to make sure they reference the same base externally available address; i.e., http://blog.yourdomain.com. The standard install may set them to your local (internal) host name, such as http://servername

Once I fixed the site URL all seems to be good.


Another Update. I spoke too soon. This is fucking irritating. I can’t connect IFTTT to my site, can log in about once every fifty times or so, wordpress.com loses connection constantly. Ugh. I think I may export all my shit and start over.

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