Time to skin the cat

So a few weeks ago I cracked the screen on my current Nexus 6. Very slightly cracked. Not even enough to both OCD me. Unfortunately the crack spread last week and then I had two cracks. I decided to replace the screen. It’s tedious but not too difficult if you are careful.

Took me a little while to take the phone apart but I was almost finished and separating the digitizer from the LCD when my big old fat fucking cat decided it would be the perfect time to jump up on the counter scattering all my tools and parts. In the process the digitizer managed to get ruined 🙁

So a $12 repair job now turns into a $150 repair job. Ugh. Luckily I’ve got my old AT&T Phone so I’ll use that until I get the new parts in at some point during the next 7 days. Luckily my contract with AT&T isn’t up yet so I have not switched 100% to Project Fi.

It was good practice. Now I just have to hope I can remember how to put all that stuff back together lol.

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