Today’s Home Automation Deals

Funny that I wrote about these earlier but Homecontrols is currently having a sale on a few items including Vera. You can pick up the VeraEdge for $69.95 and the VeraPlus for $119.95. That’s a $30 savings over Amazon’s price for the plus. The Zipato Z-Wave RGBW LED Light Bulb is on sale for $39 (that’s $20 off) and there are a couple of other items as well.

HomeSeer also has some items on sale as well, mainly open box and refurbished items. I shop there and have purchased several open box items without any issues. Looks like they currently have about 20 items on clearance including a couple of Global Cache products that I really want. Just not the right time to be spending money considering my upcoming trip.

Smarthome  also has some decent deals as well. I’ve used them in the past but not in the last few years. Never had any problems with them either. The carry quite a bit of Insteon products, which makes sense as the parent company for both is Smartlabs. The Smarthome store isn’t limited to their own products however, and they usually have a pretty large inventory.

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