Wizards of the Coast to Release Digital Toolset

Growing up I played Dungeons and Dragons extensively. The original D&D, Advanced D&D, 3rd Edition, you name it. Really from about 1976 up until the early 90s I was a big fan. Still have most of the books, boxed sets, modules, dice and a crapload of full notebooks where I created my own stuff.

Anyway, that’s what it was all about. Pen & Pencil. Even just getting ready to set up a new campaign took a lot of preparation before you could even begin.

While I haven’t played in years I still occasionally follow news of the game. RPGs are using new technology to help improve game play and make it a little easier and Wizards of the Coast is attempting to join the club by creating D&D Beyond, a new digital toolset to be used with Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

D&D Beyond is being built in partnership with Curse and provides players and DMs with a rules compendium, character builder, character sheets, item listings and more.

Back in 2014 they attempted to release a tool called Dungeonscape and that ended up falling through.

D&D Beyond isn’t ready for a full release yet but if you want to sign up to beta test it once they are ready you can check it out here.

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