Some BBS Updates

Wow. 2019. Looks like I haven’t posted since 2017. Time flies right?

Anyway, you can access still access the BBS from the menu links above by choosing the ftelnet option. I have also got a small applet hosted at, as Mystic now has a builtin web server.

I am in the process of adding SSH, SMTP and POP3 to the BBS. The POP3 support is only currently for local BBS mail for the time being. I have not yet tested out SSH to see how ansi support is. Only SSH client I have ever used is puTTY and I have no idea how that will look.

I can’t find very much information about the html support that was added to Mystic so not yet sure what I will be able to do. One of the very few things I miss from Synchronet (and EleBBS before that) is being able to get to my netmail and echomail from the web. I work so much and spend so much time on my phone that it would be very convenient to access it from there. I have tried a couple of android fidonet apps a couple of years back and for what I want they really didn’t work very well. Not well written, fonts too small, crash continuously, etc.

That’s it for now. I’ll try to get on and post more HA and BBS stuff than I have been the last two years. The site is coming up on 20 years old now so wow. Christmas I will have had this domain for two decades.

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