Site Updates

Seems like the only time I post at all the last couple of years is when I’ve updated the site.

I’ve temporarily changed from the comic based theme here to retrogeek. Not sure if I like this or not but as most of my stuff the last couple of years has to do with the BBS or Home Automation it fits.

Cleaned up the categories. While all of the crime categories are gone, the posts are still here and I am planning on leaving them. If you find that you have been mentioned in a post and want to request it be taken down shoot me a message using the support link above. I can guarantee that if you were convicted of murder, rape, child abuse, etc…you’re going to be here forever. The rest, however, I will consider on a case by case basis. If you come in here demanding it be taken down or threatening me, fuck you then. Use your manners.

I also got rid of the sidebar links. The majority of the blogs that I used to frequent have been gone for over a decade now and the couple that I still visit I have in my own bookmarks.

Feel free to make suggestions.

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