DNS Issues for the BBS

If you’ve tried to connect recently using bbs.shadowscope.com, apparently that has not been working at least for a couple of days. A mistake by my web hosting provider I would guess. As I have had my site here hosted with LivingDot for at least the last 15 years or so I just manage the DNS from the rather than Google Domains, which is where I recently moved my domain registration (F register.com by the way).

The BBS (and home automation stuff which is behind a VPN) is hosted at my house and I use dynamic DNS to get it. Rather than having to connect with noip and other services I have used in the post (darktech, etc) and making folks change that around, I use a CNAME record to resolve bbs.shadowscope.com to whatever DDNS service I use.

Unfortunately that CNAME disappeared from my zone records at livingdot at some point recently. Had to put in a ticket with them this morning as it wouldn’t let me add it back. Either way, if you really give a shit about the technical stuff anyway, it’s fixed now.

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