Hacked Again

One of the downsides of posting crime stories on top of the tech stuff is that some people (including Google apparently) count it as hate speech. I don’t know but it seems to make the site a target for getting hacked. It’s happened several times over the last few years, but I’ve gotten rather good at cleaning it up and restoring everything.

This last time (Sunday afternoon) I did a better job at securing everything. Only thing that concerns me now is that I am not so sure that my host, LivingDot, does such a wonderful job with securing their servers and that other sites hosted on the server where mine is might be prone to letting bad actors have access to their file systems.

Seriously considering moving this back to my own server at home. The only issue I ever had with that was bandwidth. The first few years I had my site online after I took my BBS down, I hosted it at my home, first under Apache on a Debian box then under IIS on a Windows 2000 server. I finally moved it to LivingDot sometime around 2005 because of DNS issues as well as the occasional bandwidth suck (remember the Slashdot effect?)

Those same issues are the ones that are holding me back from moving it inhouse right now. I am still on cable internet with Charter Spectrum and while my DL speeds are decent the UL sucks balls. We also do a lot of streaming and gaming (when my daughter is home from college) and that’s not conducive to running a web site on cable. I’m still hoping that someone will eventually offer fiber. It’s available a block from here and at least one company has fiber running 3 feet from my front yard.

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