New Door Games

I’ve added BBS Tournament Wordle to the main Shadowscope Theme Door Games menu. Will try to get it added to the other themes when I get home from work this afternoon. Also, recently I have added a bunch of native Synchronet doors as well. These can be found in the doors in the “Ports” menu.
I still need to go through and retest all of the doors to make sure they are working correctly, but do it with a guest account or something. Another user found and I fixed a bug on the InterBBS version of BRE where everyone that played was thrown in under my name.
I am also thinking about expanding and adding more maps to the Operation Overkill game, potentially just have a section strictly for that and use all the maps. I’ve found that some are extremely popular, where I was getting multiple calls daily and when I reset the game last year it’s now been pretty dead.
Going to reset the default Mystic theme to be able to accept non-ansi callers. I know there are a couple that have issues displaying it and forcing ansi isn’t the way to build up any sort of regular callers.
One last thing, if you’ve found that it won’t connect, either from your telnet client or from the website here, please shoot me a message so I can fix it. Normally that’s because the IP address has gotten into my denylist for whatever reason.

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