Site News


Sorry about the recent site downtime. The BBS is still online at and accessible via web or telnet. Unfortunately due to several of my sites being compromised I have wipted EVERYTHING here and will try to restore some of the older stuff as soon as I have time. Considering I had 17 years of…Read more

Nexus 6 Partition Bug

So I ran across something today that I hadn’t seen before on my 64gb Nexus 6. When I upgraded to Marshmallow it was only recognizing 32gb of space (basically showing me 23gb free).   A quick search on Google turned up the following tidbit of information:   If you have TWRP installed, or if you…Read more


So I haven’t logged in for a few months. Apparently all of my sites were hacked and a couple have been blocked by Google. Ugh. I think I’ve fixed the problem but if there are any other issues please let me know. Cross-posted to all my current sites lol.

So this happened yesterday…

One of my restaurants sits at a pretty bad intersection with no light. I opened the store in 94 and ran it for a few years, just picked it back up last month. It’s always been a really bad intersection but in the few years that I’ve been away from this particular store they’ve opened…Read more

WordPress and Android

So I’ve thrown wp for Android on my new phablet. Will see if I can’t start updating again on a semi-regular basis lol. I miss blogging but am spending less than 5-10% of my time on a PC now. Maybe this will prompt me to do a bit more.