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Merry Christmas

Before I head out the door to the salt mines I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a very merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (and Happy Hanukkah, which coincides with Christmas this year…) Merry Festivus and all that other stuff.  

Another Fine Independence Day…Brought To You By Darwin  


I’ll be out of town for the next three days. Unfortunately the BBS has been getting hammered 24/7 by asian hackers for the last month. Nothing that’s an issue other than bandwidth but it is causing my machine to overheat and shut down every couple of days. If you can’t login, or deliver Fido mail…Read more

Comments Working Again

I mentioned down below (back in March) that I thought the comments were fixed. Apparently not. Someone contacted me about not being able to post a comment a few days ago and I have been troubleshooting it all week. I finally contacted @Livingdot tech support last night and that (like quite a bit of tech…Read more

InterBBS Games

Planning on adding several InterBBS games to the BBS pretty shortly. Rather than using my mailer and all the extra configuration I’m doing it the easy way and planning on using as they already have a boatload of games set up and working properly. Planning on adding LORD, LORD 2, Lunatix, DoorMud, and Tradewars….Read more

Another fun day in the ER

So the eldest daughter and I are at the hospital currently. Anna passed out/had a seizure at work a couple of hours ago. She seems OK and in pretty good spirits right now. Just got back from a CT scan, it’ll be a while before the doctor gets the results back I’m sure. They called…Read more

An Awesome Web Host…and More

Thanks to my provider, Livingdot, for getting php upgraded on my server and helping to lock down some of my security issues that I had. Probably I would have caught some of them if the sites hadn’t pretty much lain dormant for the last five years aside from occasional updates. I’ve been with Livingdot for…I…Read more