Have a Very Metal Holiday!

Came across this by way of Trench, the other dude with the awesome hair. Thanks dude. Damn, Dio really sounds old.

It’s Coming…

I’ve already started thinking about my Christmas shopping. This year I am going to attempt to get everything done as early as I can, including sending out Christmas cards. I was looking for a place to get them pretty cheap online so as to avoid getting out amidst the Christmas shoppers this fall. I figured…Read more

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to get on an wish everyone a very merry Christmas. Most likely I will be offline the rest of the day as I will be working from 6AM until about 2AM tomorrow morning and then back at work at 7AM the next day. We had our Christmas at the house yesterday evening….Read more

Mr. Christmas Spirit

I don’t normally rant and cuss in my weekend open trackbacks but this is all I am posting this morning before work, so there it is. Read at the risk of your ears bleeding.

Thursday Thirteen #7 – The Best Call-In Excuses I’ve Heard Recently

Thirteen Lame Excuses I’ve Heard When People Call In To Work. Last Christmas one of my cooks and his wife, a waitress, called in on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Apparently he had gotten drunk and in a fight with his neighbors, so the police came and locked him up. Needless to say he was…Read more

Christmas Lights and LED String Lighting

It’s a bit early for me to be thinking about Christmas being as how it’s not even Halloween yet but I have been thinking about them the last few days because some of the stores are starting to put decorations out. I went in to the Home Depot the other day to get some of…Read more