Christmas Lights and LED String Lighting

It’s a bit early for me to be thinking about Christmas being as how it’s not even Halloween yet but I have been thinking about them the last few days because some of the stores are starting to put decorations out. I went in to the Home Depot the other day to get some of the clear rope light. I needed a couple of strands to go around the new pond and garden and I was thinking about getting it for my daughter’s room as well. Since the boy shipped off to boot camp the girls now have their own rooms. We moved one of the beds out from under the bunk and now the youngest girl has a sitting and reading area underneath and we wanted lights for it. I was kind of worried about putting a light within her reach since she’s just four but now you can get the LED version. It’s a little more expensive but they last much much longer, are cool to the touch and use less energy which means that in the long run I will save more money than I would have otherwise. I went ahead and got the LEDs for the pond area too.

That’s what got me to thinking about Christmas lighting. If I can afford it this year I want to spend a little extra and get LED Christmas tree lights rather than the same old ones I have been using for the last 20 years. Aside from the same benefits I would get from the LED string lighting they are also much clearer and brighter. I love Christmas decorations and never really thought that there would be much difference until I actually some some of the outdoor LED christmas lights in action. They have a bunch of them at the local Wal-mart already and they are pretty sharp.