Sundays are usually a pretty busy day at work. Not that the rest of the weekend isn’t but on Sunday everyone waits until after church and we do the same amount of business in about three hours that we do in seven on Saturdays. Needless to say I am usually pretty busy and don’t have…Read more

Poop Cookies…

The wife has been experimenting the last couple of days with some recipes from Food Network or something along those lines. Check this out… Looks like someone took a crap on my kitchen counter. I don’t know what all is in them but cocoa is involved for sure. I was quite hesitant to eat it…Read more

Three Days…

I have three days left of work until my vacation. I live for my vacation the last few years it seems, whether we are actually going somewhere or just hanging out at the house for a week. Friday was the girl’s last day of school, all except the wife who has teacher work days until…Read more