Three Days…

I have three days left of work until my vacation. I live for my vacation the last few years it seems, whether we are actually going somewhere or just hanging out at the house for a week.

Friday was the girl’s last day of school, all except the wife who has teacher work days until Wednesday. I managed to make it to my youngest girl’s Pre-K graduation ceremony on Wednesday but I ended up getting stuck at work at the end of year ceremony for my ten-year-old. She was pretty upset. I told her several times Thursday and then on Friday morning that I most likely wouldn’t make it but that darn sure didn’t make her feel any better.

Overall today was a pretty uneventful day but I have had a pretty shitty attitude at work. I don’t let it show but my thoughts aren’t about what I am going to do next at work, they are only on that drive to Florida in five days. I managed to get out of work (the first time) around one this afternoon and go get my oil changed in preparation for the trip. Damn, there was the finest babe getting her car washed at the same time…but I digress…

Work pays for my oil changes as well as all of my normal maintenance costs and gasoline which works out pretty well. They don’t pay when I’m on vacation everything up to and after that point is cool.


Took a bit of a break to hang with the girls. I wrote the stuff above a couple of hours ago but by train of thought seems to have derailed…if it was ever on track to begin with.

So happy Memorial Day weekend everyone, and just remember the reason WHY we celebrate memorial day. It’s to honor all of those brave heroes that have died to keep us free. Although in theory they serve(d) to protect the Constitution of the United States of America and preserve our life, liberty and property in all actuality they did it for US. Their wives and children,mothers and fathers. Our heroes serve to better themselves and to protect us from our enemies both in peace time and at war. Remember that when you fire up the barbecue on Monday and take a minute or two to reflect on our fallen sons and daughters and respect those who are currently serving.

I will, as usual, be working on Monday but will be thinking about everyone nevertheless.


So as I mentioned earlier my vacation starts Tuesday night. Actually Wednesday morning because it’s entirely feasible that I might end up working Tuesday third shift. That would suck as I have to take the dog to the kennel on Wednesday morning and then go see my doctor about my cholesterol levels from my last blood test. Apparently they have improved but not as much as she wants. Crap. I was hoping they would have gotten better. I am hardly smoking, working out (which helps your cholesterol believe it or not) and trying to eat better than I was. I’m damn sure drinking about 10% of the amount of coffee that I was just back in December. I have always put away three or four pots a day and not I am down to less than three cups. Even if I make it in the evening like I have today, I hardly ever finish it anymore. It’s just not the same not being able to have a smoke and a cup of joe at the same time for some fucking reason.

Yet another break for awhile. I don’t remember what the original time was on this post but it’s a few minutes after nine and I had to get on the phone with my stores. My boss and his boss are required to work one third shift every four weeks and that would be tonight so they have been in one of my stores for the last hour or so.

Speaking of work, I gave out my URL to someone today. That’s not something I do very often, simply because the content of the site isn’t particularly acceptable some days…I think I’ve only given the address out to one person the last couple of years but I slipped up today. I did ask her not to give it out so we’ll see. I also gave out my myspace url which is what most people really want anyway. They aren’t actually interested in reading or having a conversation, just blithe comments with stupid fucking flashy pictures in them. Whatever.

I mentioned a few days ago this plugin for Movabletype I have been using called Zemanta. It’s the one that inserts that ‘zemified’ pic in some of the posts. Anyway, as I type it checks what I have written every few hours and suggests pertinent links and photos that might be related. Here are a couple it has suggested thus far into this long wind-bagged entry this evening.

1. The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund over at Hug Hewitt’s site. It has fuck all to do with my post but damn I’m glad to have found it. Here’s the link to the fund itself. Why don’t you take a minute or two on this Memorial Day weekend and go help out a Marine.

2. Celebrity Swimsuits over at Huffington Post. Huffington Post? WTF? That and the fact that they diss Jessica Alba. Oh hell no. She could drap a frigging toga over her shoulder in it at the beach and would still look hot.

I suppose that’s about it for the day. Want to know what I’m listening to today?


Even back in 1975 Judas Priest was kicking ass.

One more thing before I go. I am going to be out of town for seven or eight days and I am looking for a couple of reprobates who might want to guest post over her. Nothing major but it would be cool to have some other view points. Shoot me an email if you are want the keys to the place.